The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Orlando

Virtual Tour

The Power Press Party will be held The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Orlando. Here’s a look at the inside of the restaurant.

The Entrance

This is how it will look as you’re walking up. You should be dropped off in the valet circle, right in front of the main doors.  Although you’ll see a sign that the restaurant is closed for a private event, you’ll also see signs for the Power Press Awards. Come on in!

Rideshare Service Provided

If you travel via the rideshare service we provided for you, you will be taken to the valet circle and dropped off right in front of the main doors. You will receive your personal rideshare code and detailed instructions via email from your host.

If you take your own transportation, this Google Map is a little misleading because The Oceanaire is very close to International Drive, immediately adjacent to The Capital Grill.