Frequently Asked Questions

Will Food & Drinks be Served?
YES! Appetizers, upscale dinner buffet, and a premium open bar is provided.

Who is invited to the Power Press Party?
All members of the press, editorial journalists and industry analysts are welcome to join us for the Press Party.  NOTE: All participants must be registered media attendees of HLTH.

Is the Power Press Party affiliated with HLTH?
Yes. The Power Press Party is a joint production of Power Press Media, Inc. and HLTH.

We leverage our years of experience working with the press as well as extensive personal relationships with industry reporters, and media partnerships to ensure that a broad range of  national and industry journalist will attend the Power Press Party. In addition, we utilize all leading press services to make sure that the country’s most influential members of the media will be present.

Can Our Company Become a Sponsor of the Power Press Party?
Select sponsors of HLTH are offered the opportunity to participate in the Power Press Party. The number of sponsors allowed to participate is highly controlled to ensure a rich press-to-sponsor ratio.

Are there Speaking Opportunities? 
Yes. Each sponsor will be given naming rights to, and will present a vaunted Power Press Award. In this role, your company and a key executive will be introduced by the emcee during the awards ceremony, which will be followed by a short presentation of the award by your chosen executive.

Also, the Power Press Party offers a rich one-to-one networking experience with opportunities for the press to have personal interviews with executives from exhibiting companies. While most journalists and analysts dislike sitting through lengthy speeches, most will happily entertain briefings and will welcome personal discussions with company leadership to facilitate content development. The Power Press Party offers these opportunities in an enticing setting, inspiring more and higher quality media representatives to attend.

How Can My Company Be Considered for Inclusion?
If your company is a sponsor of HLTH, you can contact your HLTH sales representative to get more details about the Power Press Party Add-On Sponsorship, or contact Dennis Dailey by phone at 803-702-0001 or via email: