HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas
October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15


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The Power Press Party is an invitation-only gala event showcasing the latest, brightest and very best of the automotive specialty products market for our special guests — widely acclaimed reporters, influential trade publishers, editors, social media ambassadors, and industry analysts.

The party will be at HYDE in The Bellagio in Las Vegas on Monday, October 29, 2018, 5:30 - 8:15pm. It's perfectly timed to coincide with one of the premier automotive aftermarket trade show. Although a short application is required, this event is FREE for working press. If approved, you'll get a unique, personal sneak peek at the latest technologies, emerging trends and interview industry leaders and meet with the innovators driving our industry.

If you are a sponsoring vendor, this party enables you to showcase your latest innovations and build valuable relationships with members of the press.

The Power Press Party offers structured and unstructured networking before, during and after the event. This is a unique opportunity for one-on-one interviews and hands-on product demonstrations.

The highly curated vendor participants will be face-to-face with the media in a fun atmosphere ideal for generating immediate coverage and building long-lasting relationships.

  power press party  


  HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15  

power press party

press registration

  HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15  


Only members of the working press will be admitted. To attend, you must be a credentialed member of the media, actively working in an editorial capacity for a magazine, newspaper or website, including but not limited to general consumer and business publications and industry trade media.

To apply for VIP Press Registration, use the form below. If you are one of the people selected to attend this exclusive event,
you will receive a confirmation email with details about how to get your tickets.

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  power press party

HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15


  how does it work  

How Does the Power Press Party work?

The Power Press Party is rich with structured and unstructured networking opportunities, offering connections before, during and after the event.


Months before the Power Press Party, vendors and the media are forging connections.

The Power Press Portal networking platform offers an efficient method for introductions, scheduling press briefings and product demos.


As the gala event begins, everyone will enjoy open networking, cocktails, appetizers and a dinner buffet.

Structured networking will take place from 6:15 until 7:45. Appointments may be arranged in advance through the Power Press Portal.


The Power Press Portal remains active after the party. Sponsors and the VIP Guests can exchange contact information through the portal.

  power press party

HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15


  frequently asked questions  

Will Food & Drinks be Served?

YES! Appetizers, upscale dinner buffet, and a premium open bar is provided.

What is the deadline to participate in this event?

Power Press Party events are always overbooked. Reserve your space now. Only 77 members of the press will be admitted.

Is the Power Press Party affiliated with any tradeshow?

No. The Power Press Party is an independent media event produced by Power Press Media, Inc.. In addition to our extensive personal relationships, we leverage our own media databases that have been developed through decades of national and international media experience. We also utilize all leading press services to make sure that the country’s most influential members of the media are invited.

Can My Company Be Represented?

Select companies are offered the opportunity to participate in the Power Press Party. The number of companies is highly controlled in order to ensure a rich sponsor-to-press ratio.

Are there Speaking Opportunities?

No, this is a networking event with opportunities for the press to have personal interviews with executives from exhibiting companies. Many journalists and analysts dislike sitting through speeches or presentations, but happily entertain hands-on product demos, briefings and most welcome personal discussions with company leadership to facilitate content development. The Power Press Party offers these opportunities in an enticing setting, inspiring more and higher quality media representatives to attend.

How Can My Company Be Considered for Inclusion?

Contact Dennis Dailey by phone at 803-702-0001 or via email: ddailey@powerpressparty.coim.
  power press party

HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15


  For Selected Sponsors  
  • Grand Salon
    (Four Available)

  • $ 10,000

  • Press Meetings & Networking
  • 3 Sponsor Attendees
  • In-Venue Branding
  • Logo in Networking Portal
  • Terrace
    (Two Available)

  • $17,500

  • Press Meetings & Networking
  • 5 Exhibitor Attendees
  • In-Venue Branding
  • Logo in Networking Portal

Various sponsorships are available to further enhance your exposure at the Power Press Party.
Contact your representative for more details.

  power press party

HYDE at Bellagio, Las Vegas     -    October 29, 2018   -    5:30 - 8:15

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