August 09, 2021 | 5:45 – 7:45pm PT | Smith & Wollensky

Power Press Party

Celebrating excellence in healthcare journalism

Overview: Who? What?

Annual Journalism Community Mixer ​

The Power Press Party is a celebration of our industry’s storytellers. We recognize the hard work, effort and dedication of those individuals who use their talents and experience to share with the world the complexities, innovations, policy, funding and more that drive our industry and give meaning to our objectives. This year, we are focusing on bringing other strong communities in healthcare — HITMC, Pink Socks and HCEG — to this exclusive event.

Our special guests — national healthcare reporters, influential trade journalists, industry publishers, editors, and social media ambassadors as well as key research analysts will be joined by leaders from the fields of HealthIT Marketing, Healthcare Executives and a global tribe of pinksocks-wearing people who are focused on empathy, caring, love and authentic connection. Tickets to this exclusive event are in high demand and extremely limited. You must apply to attend. Click here to apply.

Our Friends

Invited Community Partners

This year, in a surprise twist, we have invited our friends within HITMC, HCEG and Pink Socks to join us for this special post-pandemic community mixer celebration. Each have their own meet-ups and other events — scheduled at times that do not conflict with the Power Press Party — so we, of course, we invited them to join us too!

Where? Las Vegas, of course!

Smith & Wollensky

Well be at 49th & 3rd, but not in New York!

Smith & Wollensky in The Venetian is the upscale setting for this lavish celebration.

Just a five-minute walk from the Sands Expo & Convention Center, this brand new restaurant will thrill your senses with some of the best food and drinks in Las Vegas.

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